Saturday, December 7, 2013

Backup and Archive in The Cloud Environment

Cloud computing is becoming very prevalent in today's computing world. Users of the cloud vary from simple beginner users to Fortune 500 companies. In fact, many large companies are looking to the cloud for backups and archives of their data. I've recently read a very unique article on this topic, A Novel Approach to Automated, Secure, Reliable, & Distributed Backup of MER Tactical Data on Clouds. The article discusses NASA's MER (Mars Expoloration Rover) Project and how it became the first NASA mission to incorporate a public cloud into it's daily mission-critical operations in 2010. 

The operators and scientists have continued to use the cloud based project since the launch. They have continued to have 100% availability on tactical plan saves, searches, and retrieval. The MER project has also pushed Tactical data onto lower cost storage systems in the cloud environments, which still continue to deliver cost savings, durability, and reliability. 

NASA is clear-cut proof point that cloud storage provides a compelling alternative to traditional backup processes. The data transfer rates can support speeds that exceed common data backup strategies such as using an external hard drive and DVD archiving. The cloud provides a seamless integration of archiving, compressing, and encryption, along with virtually unlimited storage. It also adds to the convenience of the entire backup process for the cloud user. 


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