Wednesday, October 16, 2013

VMWare Acquires Desktone For a New Idea


VMWare has recently announced the recent acquisition desktop service provide Desktone, in purpose of deploying a new cloud based PC for the price of a laptop. 

    This may be a very lucrative venture for VMWare. Google has recently released their cloud-based 
laptop, the Chromebook. The Chromebook is said to now have 25% of the laptop, a claim made by 
Google itself. The Chromebook has also been Amazon's #1 selling laptop since its release as well.With no major internal parts in the laptop, Google's Chromebook has a very convincing price of $280. This, in my opinion, is definitely a good sign for VMWare.

Because of the success of the cloud-based machine offered by Google, VMWare stands to be front runner for delivering a DaaS and Hardware integration at a very affordable and competitive price. Utilizing the virtualization technology that VMWare is proudly known for, their business and client growth opportunities are sure to grow already with just the already built clientele that they work with.

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