Sunday, September 15, 2013

Mythbusters: Big Data Edition

"Big data technology is a big deal for storage shops, and a clear understanding of what it means -- and doesn't mean -- is required to successfully configure storage for big data apps."

Since being introduced to mainframe technologies, I quickly became aware of the importance of BIG DATA and the almost "gold-mine" like qualities that the actual data can possess. There are valuable benefits within the stored data that can render a very lucrative return for companies and corporations if analyzed and handled correctly.
Companies and corporations of sizes can benefit from performing analytics on big data to gain an advantage over their competitors. With the data, analysts of the organizations can determine determine which products sell well with other products, what days and times customers use their debit cards the most in certain merchant stores, or which medications in a general area are used more frequently. Of course there are a plethora of ideas and concepts behind the storage and information of big data, but there are still plenty of misconceptions on what exactly BIG DATA is. 

The hype over big data is steadily growing, especially with storage cloud vendors pushing the idea of the technology to customers of all ranges; everyday household users to large corporations. The misconception of what exactly the technology is or does is shared by everyone in that range as well. 

The article on the Big Data myths is very informative and I feel that no matter your expertise or experience with Big Data, the information within the article can be very beneficial and informative to you... Check It Out Here!!!