Tuesday, September 3, 2013

EMC Looks to take Over IBM's Mainframe... Storage that is!

     Since I'm in enrolled in a Storage Management Course this semester, I found this article rather interesting when I ran across it. It's a really good write-up on the emergence of EMC's new disk-based library storage technology for mainframe environments. As a prior IBM intern, I found this really cool especially after taking a picture of some random Tape I found in an abandoned office unit in my building... a couple of interns and I decided to go on a tour during lunch one day, Ha!!! Interestingly though, one of the interns was very knowledgeable about storage technologies so he filled us in on some things as we traveled through the mainframe and network storage labs as well.

     Getting back to EMC, the new storage technology will now allow the Intel based processors of the mainframes to deliver system backups up to Four Times  faster than anything that IBM currently has to offer. The new disk storage will also allow for virtual disk storage, utilizing it's "mainframe-like" capabilities.  As we all know, when it comes to anything "Mainframe", speed is vital to the game. This plays a crucial role for IBM. Many mainframe operating shops are moving away from tape storage/backups to disk based libraries. With the history of IBM, an attempt for acquisition of the technology, or pumping up the R&D for an similar, if not better, version of the EMC technology wouldn't surprise me.

     What better time than now for  EMC...


  1. This is a good blogged that talks about how the new storage technology will be used to help the mainframe to deliver system backups up four times faster than any of IBM's current products. EMC is doing a great job of developing new storage technology. I hope to see some of the new results on the mainframe system.

  2. Dontrell, this blog was pretty amazing to read because the EMC seems like an excellent new storage technology because its four times faster than any IBM deliver system, and it also allows virtual disk storage. By reading about the EMC, it had made me very interesting about the EMC technology.